I left UK on May 19th for 10 months of freedom and exploration with a Round the World ticket. Will I find New Zealand as perfect as it was fifteen years ago? How has Australia changed? Will I learn any Spanish in S America?

Friday, May 26, 2006

End of the Road - For Now

On May 16th just two days before I was due to fly to Hong Kong I fell off a dodgy moped and had to change my plans. I had broken my left collar bone and three ribs but was otherwise OK but in no fit state to continue travelling. Hong Kong was out. I got Wayan to drive me to Denpasar where I had the xrays and then to sanur where I changed my ticket to take me back to London - on the 18th the last valid day of my RTW ticket.
I had very little pain at that time though there was a worrying clicking noise from the collar bone.
So I am back in the UK. It is now nearly the end of July and still my collar bone has not grown back , nearly 3 months after it was broken.
Oh well one compensation for being back in the UK - I caught the end of the new series of Doctor Who with David Tennant.
Still I would much rather be on the road as currently I have been unable to relet my house and as I don't think it is wise to work till the shoulder is OK money is just going out out out.
However looking back I didn't do too badly - I saw and did an awful lot. I did learn passable Spanish, enough to get me around and hold a brief conversation and I still amazingly remember most of it as I found out when I was reunited with Rob Sarah and Fernando in Southampton the over weekend. I had no choice but to speak Spanish! Fernando is now over here and about to start English lessons in earnest.
New Zealand? As lovely as ever and I am so glad I went back to Golden Bay. I revisited just about everyone person I met the first time round - all of them are still there. I was sorely tempted to swap my London house for a 100yr old rimu villa near Collingwood with 10 hectares of land and various outbuildings. But it was just in the end just a bit too much of a radical move and I had wanted to keep m oving to see Aus and China.
I met lots of lovely people - some of whom I will stay in touch with and am in touch with now. I didn't exactly strike gold in the love department but then that was not on my agenda so no big disappointment. The only regret is that I did have to break off when I did though in hindsight perhaps it was good as I was on the spot to sort out my house- and also to attend an 80th birthday party.And of course catch up with friends and family.
But the plan is still to get back on the road as long as I still have some money left after this enforced sojourn.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not exactly in a blaze of glory

Oh dear ..... a little miscalculation and I have had to cut short my plans - no HK - no travelling for 6 weeks min.

managed to come off moped on east cpoast of bali - only broken two bones but on my shoulder so cannot backpack. Im sure I need not elaborate how stupid I feel, it wasn't a great moped - had had zero problems up till then on very quiet roads. But still in one piece - looking forward to seeing you all!
London Hthrow 5.30am thursday 18th may - just one day before I left last year for s america.



will probably post a few more photos once back - so keep checking! Also travel may not end here so ...........................

Friday, May 12, 2006

Amed - Bali's East Coast

Kuningan Ceremony Amed village
Snorkels and masks near the Japanese wreck

Typical bay on Amed coastline

Snorkelling at night under a full moon with torches
Hiring moped and riding out to snorkel the Japanese wreck
playing guitar with the 3 brothers staff
Coral in the bay beneath

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ubud to Tirta Gangga

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tirta Gangga

Ubud market

Monday, May 08, 2006

Goa Gajah & Yeh Pulu

There arent garages as such in bali - you stop and fill up your moped from bottles at roadside stalls containing 'premium' like these recycled vodka bottles
Yeh Pulu bas relief - nearly all the figures have had their mouths chipped off - I have no idea why.
Rice paddies near Yeh Pulu
The pulu - or stone water storage jar in the purification bath - a bit low on water!

Holy lady at Yeh Pulu

Holy phalluses inside the elephant cave.

Goa Gajah- Elephant (Ganesh) Temple

View of the Purification baths

Goa Gajah, yust a few ks out of Ubud, was both a Hindu and Bhuddist centre for worship until it was destroyed by an earthquake in ????? which toppled the enormous stupa of the bhuddist temple down by the river largeections of ,moss covered carved rock lie where they tumbled and a stream smooths away their edges.The giant buttress roots of a banyan stand off to one side,. In 1954 archaeologists uncovered the baths , which had been submerged by earth and rocks discovering aset of baths fed by mountain springs which were divided into two sections- one side bhuddist one hindu with six statues representing the 6 major rivers and the 7th river the |Ganges represented by Ganesh in the centre (now removed as he was crumbling). Of the 3 statues on either side 2 are female and one male. I was persuaded to splash my face with water from the nearest fountain 7 times to ensure love(!). Also uncovered was the so called elephant cave - with the wonderful face of the boma or guardian peering out as if pulliong back the stone like a curtain - I visuted this temple in 1988 and drew that face. I still have it somewhere!Inside the cave are niches which my guide said were for meditation - but the look a bit funerary to me. At one end are the 3 lingams - phalluses dressed in smart sarongs for galungan.