I left UK on May 19th for 10 months of freedom and exploration with a Round the World ticket. Will I find New Zealand as perfect as it was fifteen years ago? How has Australia changed? Will I learn any Spanish in S America?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

May 19th 2005 - Heathrow - Madrid - Lima

I was still vacuuming at 3am just before the taxi arrived to take me to the airport. Thank goodness for Hanna; she came round and stayed chatting to me in the last few nervous hours and it seemed unreal to both of us that I was going away for a whole 12 months. We bade fond farewell at the 41 bus stop which I walked her down to at about 1am. I had my baggage down to a lightish backpack and small daypack. I finally decided to leave my film SLR behind due to tendinitis which was diagnosed again in Peru as de Quervains syndrome and instead took the small light Canon powershot A95.
The flight to Peru on Iberia was faultless. The plane was half empty and there was loads of room. About six hours into the flight looking out of the window I saw with a thrill of emotion an endless expanse of green broken by a single thread undulating through the carpet like looped writing . It made me tearful with more than a bit of sentimentality - how could we as conscious beings be so set at erasing this - how could we jointly be so irresponsible. It is so incredibly beautiful . I looked down through rainbows at one point at the oxbows - a sort of aurora but not so animated then I think I can see a boat , a flash of metal , or is it just a river beach? Perhaps it was Manaus , Brazil which we flew directly over , my South AMerican guide open at that page. T he Amazon is so convoluted it almost spells out names. We were flying over this expanse for at least 5 hours - that gave me some sort of persepective on the size of the continent I was now entering.