I left UK on May 19th for 10 months of freedom and exploration with a Round the World ticket. Will I find New Zealand as perfect as it was fifteen years ago? How has Australia changed? Will I learn any Spanish in S America?

Friday, May 26, 2006

End of the Road - For Now

On May 16th just two days before I was due to fly to Hong Kong I fell off a dodgy moped and had to change my plans. I had broken my left collar bone and three ribs but was otherwise OK but in no fit state to continue travelling. Hong Kong was out. I got Wayan to drive me to Denpasar where I had the xrays and then to sanur where I changed my ticket to take me back to London - on the 18th the last valid day of my RTW ticket.
I had very little pain at that time though there was a worrying clicking noise from the collar bone.
So I am back in the UK. It is now nearly the end of July and still my collar bone has not grown back , nearly 3 months after it was broken.
Oh well one compensation for being back in the UK - I caught the end of the new series of Doctor Who with David Tennant.
Still I would much rather be on the road as currently I have been unable to relet my house and as I don't think it is wise to work till the shoulder is OK money is just going out out out.
However looking back I didn't do too badly - I saw and did an awful lot. I did learn passable Spanish, enough to get me around and hold a brief conversation and I still amazingly remember most of it as I found out when I was reunited with Rob Sarah and Fernando in Southampton the over weekend. I had no choice but to speak Spanish! Fernando is now over here and about to start English lessons in earnest.
New Zealand? As lovely as ever and I am so glad I went back to Golden Bay. I revisited just about everyone person I met the first time round - all of them are still there. I was sorely tempted to swap my London house for a 100yr old rimu villa near Collingwood with 10 hectares of land and various outbuildings. But it was just in the end just a bit too much of a radical move and I had wanted to keep m oving to see Aus and China.
I met lots of lovely people - some of whom I will stay in touch with and am in touch with now. I didn't exactly strike gold in the love department but then that was not on my agenda so no big disappointment. The only regret is that I did have to break off when I did though in hindsight perhaps it was good as I was on the spot to sort out my house- and also to attend an 80th birthday party.And of course catch up with friends and family.
But the plan is still to get back on the road as long as I still have some money left after this enforced sojourn.


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