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Monday, May 08, 2006

Goa Gajah & Yeh Pulu

There arent garages as such in bali - you stop and fill up your moped from bottles at roadside stalls containing 'premium' like these recycled vodka bottles
Yeh Pulu bas relief - nearly all the figures have had their mouths chipped off - I have no idea why.
Rice paddies near Yeh Pulu
The pulu - or stone water storage jar in the purification bath - a bit low on water!

Holy lady at Yeh Pulu

Holy phalluses inside the elephant cave.

Goa Gajah- Elephant (Ganesh) Temple

View of the Purification baths

Goa Gajah, yust a few ks out of Ubud, was both a Hindu and Bhuddist centre for worship until it was destroyed by an earthquake in ????? which toppled the enormous stupa of the bhuddist temple down by the river largeections of ,moss covered carved rock lie where they tumbled and a stream smooths away their edges.The giant buttress roots of a banyan stand off to one side,. In 1954 archaeologists uncovered the baths , which had been submerged by earth and rocks discovering aset of baths fed by mountain springs which were divided into two sections- one side bhuddist one hindu with six statues representing the 6 major rivers and the 7th river the |Ganges represented by Ganesh in the centre (now removed as he was crumbling). Of the 3 statues on either side 2 are female and one male. I was persuaded to splash my face with water from the nearest fountain 7 times to ensure love(!). Also uncovered was the so called elephant cave - with the wonderful face of the boma or guardian peering out as if pulliong back the stone like a curtain - I visuted this temple in 1988 and drew that face. I still have it somewhere!Inside the cave are niches which my guide said were for meditation - but the look a bit funerary to me. At one end are the 3 lingams - phalluses dressed in smart sarongs for galungan.


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