I left UK on May 19th for 10 months of freedom and exploration with a Round the World ticket. Will I find New Zealand as perfect as it was fifteen years ago? How has Australia changed? Will I learn any Spanish in S America?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not exactly in a blaze of glory

Oh dear ..... a little miscalculation and I have had to cut short my plans - no HK - no travelling for 6 weeks min.

managed to come off moped on east cpoast of bali - only broken two bones but on my shoulder so cannot backpack. Im sure I need not elaborate how stupid I feel, it wasn't a great moped - had had zero problems up till then on very quiet roads. But still in one piece - looking forward to seeing you all!
London Hthrow 5.30am thursday 18th may - just one day before I left last year for s america.



will probably post a few more photos once back - so keep checking! Also travel may not end here so ...........................


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wouldn't want to blaze, in glory or anything else, during a crash! Good luck getting yourself back together.

Great photos BTW.
Roger (friend & Uncle of your friend Nome at Deeper Powers)

7:35 pm

Blogger Louise H said...

Thanks Roger!
No doubt I will be seeing Dan & Nome a little earlier than I had expected.

8:34 am

Blogger SmootherPrince said...

Hey Lou,

Hope that you are soon on the road again.

Next time do try Vanuatu, I found it fantastic. Particularly if you can get to some of the remoter islands

1:07 am


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